Success Story

Nicole | Seller

From my first call with Susan, it was clear that she was ahead of her game. She was well informed, clearly had great local knowledge, and a good listener. By the time I spoke with her 24 hours later, she had already found out details about my property I was unaware of, and was ready with suggestions and contacts for me to resolve the problem. All the way through the sales process, she made sure I was kept informed, and given I am out of state, she was there to represent my interests on several occasions. We got a great price on the sale, and I feel she did a great job getting the word out about the property. Thank you Susan!

Sharonn | Seller

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Susan for your real estate needs. Susan listed and received top dollar for my condo at the height of the COVID pandemic. She expertly navigated the new rules and requirements imposed and expertly pivoted her marketing approach to adapt to the new restrictions. Susan was highly attentive and responsive. I once commented on how I felt like I was a million-dollar client with her and she said, “That’s how I treat all my clients.” This, along with many other attributes is what makes her the best - highly successful and effective at what she does. She is the definition of professionalism, competence, understanding, and compassion. Out of all these attributes, if I had to choose one that makes her stand apart from all the others in her field, it’s her mastery of contract negotiations and how well she advocates for and represents her clients. You are truly in good hands from start to finish and even beyond. It would be my pleasure to discuss my experience in further detail and I am happy to be a ready reference. Buying or selling a home is extremely stressful and the best decision you can make is to count on Susan’s expertise to help you execute one of the most important transactions of your life.

Irma | Seller

Susan is an amazing agent to work with. She listens to your needs and opinions, she offers her expert advice. She responds quickly and provides transparent communication. Susan is highly knowledgeable of the Westchester real estate market in terms of pricing, negotiations, and general real estate strategy. She's wicked sharp and brilliant! You definitely want her to represent your interests and deliver the results you're looking to achieve. What you see is what you get – SUSAN GETS THE JOB DONE! She truly cares and looks out for your benefit! YOU WANT HER ON YOUR SIDE!

Ginny | Buyer & Seller

Meeting Susan was a gift! She is an incredibly knowledgeable Realtor® and highly skilled negotiator. She is extremely efficient and organized which consistently left us feeling like we were her only clients even though we knew she had many. Susan understands people and just as I imagine she must have done in her previous career as a special education teacher, she treats every client as completely unique and deserving of her absolute best. Susan was tireless in her efforts to support us both as sellers and then as buyers and most importantly, just as a family. Her personal approach and kind and caring manner are unparalleled and we will return to her for our real estate matters without reservation for years to come.

Maddie | Seller

I want to extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to Susan for her hard work in getting to the finish line. Her extra effort to see the sale of my home through exemplifies not only her professional abilities but what a class act she is on a personal level as well. She was referred to me after a horrible unethical experience with another agent. Shortly after, with Susan’s professionalism, I got 10 offers within days and sold for 8.5% over asking! I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Susan to anybody. She’s also ready to recommend attorneys and inspectors that you won’t be disappointed with! If you are looking for an excellent thorough agent, Susan is it. From late night calls, constant communication, and thoughtful gifts— she goes above and beyond! Thanks again Susan, you are the best!

David | Buyer & Seller

Susan is responsive, knowledgeable, and tenacious. She wasn’t trying to sell us a house, she was helping us realize our dream. Over the months of hunting in a very tough market, she stayed positive and more importantly, helped us stay positive. She really got to know us and understand our tastes. She genuinely wanted us to be happy and wouldn’t send us listings she knew we wouldn’t like. In fact, she even talked us out of a few properties she thought weren’t right. Yes- we were over eager and Susan stopped us from making huge mistakes. Beyond her integrity and refreshing transparency is Susan’s work ethic. She picked us up from the train station every time. She watched and entertained our son while we looked around properties. She sent her co-workers out to properties when she couldn’t make it. She recommended top-notch lawyers, inspectors, contractors, and more. She was infinitely communicative- fielding texts and calls at all hours, In fact, when our toddler plays with his toy phone, he literally holds it up to his ear and says, “Call Susan!” That’s how often we were talking. To sum up, we searched for 3 years and finally found our house because of Susan. From the initial call, all the way through to the signing and beyond, we can’t imagine another broker could or would do more for a client than she did. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, we can’t say enough positive things about Susan Batterton.

Sheldon | Buyer & Investor

Susan is very professional in all of her dealings. Her attention to detail far exceeds my expectations. I have known her since September 2021 and she has made an impact on me both personally and professionally. She is committed to seeing my real estate investment business grow exponentially through complete honesty, love of community, unwavering dedication and her passion for every aspect of real estate. If you are looking for the best you just found her! Susan Batterton #1.

Rene | Buyer & Seller

After having worked with Susan on more than one occasion, I can say with confidence that she embraces her work with a consistency and level of professionalism that is unique to her. Every interaction and every task reflects her kind heart and stellar skills. She always gives 100% to her clients by listening, suggesting, delivering. She is thorough and caring. She is informed and creative. I trust her immensely, and I am so grateful for all she is and does.

Sylvie | Seller

Selling your house is an emotional process for anyone but selling during a pandemic was not something we were expecting! But, we did! Within 2 days of virtually showing our house, we had 6 very solid offers, we just accepted no offer above the asking price, and the house has been on the market for only one week! This was made possible thanks to Susan Batterton. She is the best ally you can have on your team! Her knowledge of the local market, her energy, her enthusiasm regarding our house was very reassuring. But most of all, she is a great listener. She will listen to your story, what your questions and concerns are, and she will support you every step of the way. She is totally dedicated to her clients. Your house is her priority and she will give you the best recommendations. Make sure you listen to her advice; you will not regret it! She was able to guide us, and her enthusiasm was contagious! Susan is an amazing negotiator and she helped us make the best decisions during the whole process. She created the best experience possible, despite the quarantine. We are extremely grateful, and we highly recommend her.

Louise | Buyer & Seller

I have been fortunate to have Susan Batterton sell and buy several residences for me in various areas of Westchester. She was proactive in negotiating several challenging obstacles in the sale of one of my homes. Her knowledge of the real estate industry is enhanced because of additional qualifications. They include a mastery of human behavior and trends in the business of the real estate. She also has a charming and fashionable appearance. She represents an intelligent and very often artistic approach to buying and selling housing. All customers need the basic “roof over one’s head” which often comes in all sizes, colors, and locations. Susan makes customers feel special and they will receive attention to their needs. She is strong in negotiations with all persons involved in the industry. Thanks, Susan for your help in securing my elegant roof over my head.   Sincerely, Louise

Susan E. | Seller

I interviewed three agents before selecting Susan and from start to finish she was extraordinary. Susan worked carefully to understand me and my family's needs and developed a strategy that enabled us to attract multiple offers within days of putting our condo on the market. We sold at an excellent price to a cash buyer and closed within six weeks. This alone would have been a magnificent accomplishment, but Susan's work went far beyond this. We had already moved and lived three hours away, so to make the process easy for us, Susan managed all of the projects that went into preparing the apartment for sale, including overseeing repairs, painting, and installation of carpeting. She is a skilled expert and a lovely person - a true gem. And her word is gold. I trust her and recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Vida | Seller

Susan Batterton handled the sale of my property in Scarsdale, NY and I found her to be a highly qualified and experienced sales agent in her field with many resources to help in different areas. She is a wonderful person, thoughtful and she is concerned about my health and makes time to check on me on a regular basis. She was a delight to work with the entire time I was preparing to put my house on the market. I was faced with the arduous chore of sorting through 52 years of memories, belongings, and furniture to try to dispose of via selling, donating, and so on. Her compassion and intelligence are incredible and she has been quite beneficial to me during this stressful time when I needed to sell my house and downsize to a condo. Susan has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She was able to make contact with buyers who were serious about purchasing. I was overjoyed when my home was sold after only four months at a price I was happy to accept and to a family I know will appreciate the property as much as I did. Susan made this a fulfilling, enjoyable, and memorable experience that I will remember fondly. She truly cares and looks out for your benefit. Susan Batterton, my agent and now friend, has outstanding talents that I highly recommend to everyone. She is not only incredibly skilled in her field, but she also possesses the necessary people skills to make others feel at ease when working with her. I will always remember and appreciate the work that she did.